Labia Minora Reduction

Enlarged Labia Minora can cause problems during sexual intercourse with the penetration of male genitals causing pain if a part of the Labia Minora is introduced into the vagina at the same time.

Enlarged Labia Minora can present a big aesthetic issue in front of the partner or in front of other people, such as in nudism, and it can be further highlighted by wearing skin-tight clothes.

Labia Minora Reduction (Reduction Labiaplasty) is the procedure which solves this deformity under local anaesthesia.

Following the pre-operative health condition assessment, the labia are reduced to the desired size, taking into consideration the fact that a part of the labia which has its function in urinating and directing the stream of urin needs to remain in its place, as a natural barrier to the birth canal.

After the procedure, the patient can go home with the written post-operative instructions. Sexual intercourse and masturbation are not allowed until the wounds have healed completely and the sutures are absorbed. In this perios, it is crucial to take care of one's personal hygiene.





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