Laser Facial Rejuvenation

With the purpose of minimising the recovery period and being able to return to one's everyday activities immediately, the fractional laser ablation is used. In this case, the laser scanner performs deliberate damage of the planned depth and space between them, so the shedding of the surface hair occurs.

After the anaesthetic cream is applied onto the area to be treated, the cold air is blown towards the area. Some redness and hematoma will be visible, and the surface hair will shed within the next 2-3 days. We perform this treatment using the Erb:YAG laser with a special scanner, which directs the laser beam according to a specific program.

One should avoid sun exposure for 1 month following the treatment.

After the treatment the patient can go home with the written instructions on post-operative skin care. It is usually performed in late fall, winter or early spring.

In this way, a better skin tonus is achieved, and surface skin irregularities can be removed.



Laser Technology we're using

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