Transplantation of the eyebrows

The filling of the eyebrows has been a trend for several years now throughout the world. Fuller, natural eyebrows, nicely shaped, are again en vogue. The only durable and successful method is the transplantation of hairs. The transplantation of eyebrows is an intervention that is becoming more and more popular in aesthetic surgery. When the eyebrows are of inappropriate thickness or fullness, they adversely influence the entire facial image. The reason for this occurrence can be genetic, or the eyebrows can become too thin due to long-term plucking. There can also be traumas which leave scars as their aftermath.

Before engaging into eyebrow transplantation we interview the patient, and there is, of course, a detailed check-up, assessment of the health state, and the marking of the desired shape of the eyebrows.

In the Maletić Polyclinic we use the FUE method for eyebrow transplantation, which means that we extract follicular units from the donor region – mainly the occipital part of the scalp, though other parts of the body may serve as donor regions too. This is done with special micro-instruments with which we take follicular units one by one and implant them in the area of the eyebrows. This method of transplantation results in a natural look of the eyebrows and provides a lasting outcome. The intervention is done under local anaesthesia and is completely painless.

For several days after the intervention the patient has small scabs on the treated regions, and the hairs from transplanted follicular units usually fall off after about ten days. New hair starts to grow 15 to 16 weeks after the intervention. Transplanted hair grows to the full length which it had originally at the moment of collection, which means that shaving is necessary. Frequently, however, after a certain period, the hair adapts to the new habitat and shaving is not necessary any more.

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