Hair loss treatment with hair fillers

Before every hair loss treatment, the scalp must be examined very carefully in order to decide which therapy will give the best results in each individual case. If it is a question of increased hair loss or hair that is already growing thinner, one of the possible therapies is the hair filler treatment - a method for treating alopecia, that is, hair loss. Hair fillers contain seven peptides and hyaluronic acid whose main function is to stimulate hair growth, as well as to reduce hair loss, it has antioxidant properties and stimulates angiogenesis, which improves the blood flow to the scalp. This therapy can be used equally successfully for both women and men.

The treatment itself usually does not require any anaesthesia, but local anaesthesia can be applied in consultation with the client. Before the injection, the scalp region is disinfected with an antiseptic, then the filler is injected into the scalp with thin needles and the scalp is then massaged. The client can immediately return to his or her daily tasks.

How often the treatment needs to be repeated depends on the individual client, but 4 treatments in 8 weeks are recommended, which means that the treatments should be repeated every 2 weeks.

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