Chemical peeling - EXODERM

Depending on the results of the pre-operative skin testing, as well as on the age and wishes of the potential candidates for the dermabrasion treatment of scars and wrinkles, we use various types of chemical peels.

The EXODERM chemical peel is certainly the most popular deep peeling treatment in the world. It was designed by Dr. Fintzi M.D. and Dr. Landau M.D. from Israel. We are the only clinic in the South-East Europe which is licensed to perform the Exoderm peeling treatment!
Exoderm is the only chemical peel which both treats acne scars and wrinkles, and acts as a facelift at the same time!

The procedure is carried out using the regional local anaesthesia with sedation, and it requires a comprehensive pre-operative health assessment. After the procedure, the patient remains for one week at the Hotel which is our cooperation partner, with daily patient care and monitoring. One week following the treatment, the patient can remove the special facelift collagen powder mask. The face will remain reddish for up to a few weeks, but the patient is allowed to apply makeup. Using a high SPF sunscreen is strongly recommended!


Exoderm – Before and After Examples:

Polyclinic Maletić: Breast augmentation, vein surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction Polyclinic Maletić: Breast augmentation, vein surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction

Deep chemical peel - Before and After Examples:

Duboki kemijski piling oka - prije tretmana Duboki kemijski piling oka - poslije tretmana


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