Ear Pinning Procedure

The position and shape of the earlobe have an effect on the general appearance of the head and face. Therefore, these deformities can cause dissatisfaction with one's personal appearance and contribute to negative body image. The children with prominent ears are often the target of cruel treatment at school. Since the growth of earlobes stops at the age of five, this deformity can be solved at a young age.

Prior to the procedure, the patient has to complete the health condition examination, which will be extended if he or she opts for the treatment under general anaesthesia.

We usually perform this procedure under local anaesthesia, with a strong motivation of children to get rid of the deformity.

The procedure takes approximately one hour.

Following the procedure, the patients are discharged home with written post-operative instructions, wearing the protective bandage around the ears for the next 5-6 days. Afterwards, it is recommended they wear the headband at night during the following three weeks.




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