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Hair Transplantation Using FUE Method

As the presenter of the show Good Morning Croatia at the Croatian state television HRT Patricija Levak says, Dr Ana Maletić is not only young-looking, but she is really young and at the same time a proof that even a young physician can be very successful.

Dr Ana Maletić has dedicated her working life to cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. She attends all the important conferences, no matter where in the world they take place, holds presentations in which she shares with her colleagues the latest achievements in this field; she is also the only Croatian member of the International Society for Hair Transplant Surgery (ISHRS). Dr Ana Maletić has not only accumulated great expertise, but she is the kind of doctor who always wants to do something more for her patients - all that can be achieved with the right procedure and to communicate realistic expectations to the patient. She possesses an inexhaustible patience and understanding for her team and the patients, which is best seen in this type of surgery.

A well-attuned team is of great importance during the preparation of the hair transplant and during the surgery. Both the doctor and the nurses are young, and for them it is no problem to stoop over the patient for hours and work with filigree precision at follicles of the less than a millimetre. It is worth mentioning that the young team enjoys their work, which can be felt and seen in the atmosphere in the operating room and the final result itself.

The satisfied patients of Dr Ana Maletić are her best recommendation. Visit the Maletić Polyclinic in Zagreb and Daruvar, meet Dr Ana Maletić, the other doctors and their team of nurses personally, and read in the Book of Impressions what patients are saying about them and take a look at the photos.

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